Our Story

Ora Era is the reflection of those effortless days at the beach when you let your mind wander and gaze out to sea, while the rays of the sun embrace your skin and a mild summer breeze makes sure that the moment is perfect. It’s in these moments when you feel connected to nature and people, and when your heart is full of love and gratitude fills your soul. It’s also in these moments when you step back, let inspiration lead the way and take a leap of faith.

Hi there! We’re Winnie and Tim, the founders of Ora Era. Nice to meet you! Thanks for taking a minute of your day and letting us share our story and the inspiration behind our brand.

As humans, we all face challenges and uncertainties. Before launching Ora Era, we asked ourselves questions like “how do we convey the true essence of Ora Era to our potential customers?”, “how will people react?”, and “will they be able to relate to us through our brand?”. Truth be told, we couldn’t have answered these questions unless we tried and launched Ora Era. While absorbing a moment of serenity in our travels like the one depicted above, we looked at each other, took a leap of faith and decided to make it happen.

Our brand name is derived from the Italian words ora, which means now, and era, which has the same meaning as in English. We strongly believe that passion and authenticity make a difference in this world. Being passionate about something means that you love what you do. And when you love what you do, you put your heart and soul into it, enjoy the process, and the outcome of your creation is very likely to resonate with people around you. The same goes for authenticity. Staying true to yourself and letting your core values be the guiding principles in your life is the utmost expression of your true being.

No matter what your passion is and what decisions you face in your life, we hope to inspire you with Ora Era and encourage you to take a leap of faith and to go after your dreams. There is no right or wrong. It’s all about living an authentic life without regrets. The time is now. Ora Era.